The Best Bookstores In Denver

Dive Into A New World.

Books are one of the greatest escapes. It's hard to beat spending a day at a coffee shop or park with a good book in your hands. Whether your cup of tea is fantasy, science fiction or murder mysteries, these bookstores have got you covered (pun intended).

Image Via Facebook/ Mutiny Information Cafe

Mutiny Information Cafe

2 S. Broadway - Highland Park

Mutiny Information Cafe is more than just a bookstore. Here you'll find books, comics, records, figurines, gaming cards and even pinball machines! Careful, you might end up spending a few hours inside. Good thing there's also a cafe to keep you fed and hydrated.

Image Via Facebook/ Printed Page Bookshop

Printed Page Bookshop

1416 S. Broadway - Platt Park

Printed Page is a co-op bookstore that gets books from more than 10 booksellers, so you can expect to find some truly unique books here. With the Victorian home storefront and the rows of books inside, Printed Page has some cozy vibes that will keep you there for a while.

Image Via Facebook/ Kilgore Books

Kilgore Books & Comics

624 E. 13th Ave. - Capitol Hill

If you're looking for comics, and of course books, then consider stopping by Kilgore Books & Comics. The shop opened in 2008 as a used book and indie comic store, but in 2009 started publishing comics as well. You can imagine that after over 10 years in business, Kilgore is home to an insane collection of uncommon comics.

Image Via Facebook/ Gallagher Books Antiques Art

Gallagher Books

1454 S. Broadway - Platt Park

Gallagher Books is 50% bookstore, 50% antique store. Rare and unique books plus plenty of interesting pieces of art make this shop stand out. Get ready to walk out with your arms full.

Image Via Facebook/ Hermitage Bookshop

The Hermitage Bookshop

290 Fillmore St. - Cherry Creek

We have to warn you: it's easy to get lost inside The Hermitage Bookshop - one of the oldest bookstores in Denver. Why? Because you'll find over 25,000 constantly rotating titles lining the countless shelves inside. Maybe bring some yarn or bread crumbs to leave a trail back to the door.

Image Via Facebook/ Capitol Hill Books

Capitol Hill Books

300 E. Colfax Ave. - Capitol Hill

Community is important at Capitol Hill Books. Teachers receive a 10% discount on books for their classrooms, and avid readers can enjoy a 10% discount as well on used books when they spend $100 on other used books. You can also snag a mystery bundle if you can't decide what to grab.

Image Via Facebook/ Bookies Denver

The Bookies Bookstore

4315 E. Mississippi Ave. - Glendale

Looking for the perfect gift for the bookworm in your life? The Bookies Bookstore is your destination. This shop offers a wide selection of good reads and will even throw in gift wrapping for all products. It truly earns the title of "one-stop-shop."

Image Via Facebook/ West Side Books

West Side Books

3434 W. 32nd Ave. - West Highland

Sometimes you don’t know what book you're looking for - it finds you. This is often the case at West Side Books. Browse to your heart's content until something pops out at you, or hit up one of the online recommendations lists the shop puts together. Either way, you're walking out with a newfound favorite.

Image Via Facebook/ Tattered Cover

Tattered Cover Book Store

2526 E. Colfax Ave. - Congress Park

1991 Wazee St. Ste. 100 - LoDo

At Tattered Cover Book Store, there are six distinct values that the store is built and operated on: discourse, discovery, destination, distinction, diversity and Denver. This is not only evident in the selection of books at Tattered Cover but can also be seen in the multitude of events the store hosts that touch on important cultural topics.

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